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� Keeling took the card which he found to concern the man of whom he had this moment been thinking. Lord Inverbroom was Lord Lieutenant of the County, who lived some six miles outside Bracebridge in a house famed for its library and pictures. Its owner had held office in the last Conservative Cabinet, and was now an indefatigable promoter of county interests. Keeling met him with tolerable frequency on various boards, and there was no one in the world for whom he entertained a profounder respect. CHAPTER XXIII � � � AVTT天堂网2014东京热-avtt天堂东京热一道本-AVtt天堂网影音先锋-AVTT天堂网 He followed Allegra into the drawing-room鈥攁 room full of light and sunshine, which had been beautified and made home-like by the addition of a few Japaneseries and a little old Italian furniture which Martin Disney had picked up at a bric-脿-brac shop in the Via Vittorio Emanuelo. There were flowers everywhere, in the bright Italian pottery, so artless, so cheap, so gay, in its varieties of form and colouring. To Hulbert's fancy it was the prettiest room he had seen for an age. � Chapter 1 Yes, yes, There is no need for you to go, Hulbert answered, grasping his hand, distressed for another man's pain in the midst of his own happiness. There death, and the end of all joy鈥攈ere the new life with its promises of gladness just opening before him. Such contrasts must needs seem hard. Norah put the two sheets on the roller, dated the paper, and waited.