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447 鈥淲e have taken here from fourteen to fifteen thousand prisoners. In all, I have above twenty-three thousand of the queen鈥檚 troops in my hands, fifteen generals, and above seven hundred officers. It is a plaster on my wounds, but it is far enough from healing them.鈥? � � � � Many people have said to her, 鈥淚 knew an Uncle Tom in such and such a Southern State.鈥?All the histories of this kind which have thus been related to her would of themselves, if collected, make a small volume. The author will relate a few of them. avttv天堂网2014 The stirring up of strife between neighbors, that the Southern Press complains of, deserves notice. Who are neighbors? The most explicit answer to this question will be found in the reply Christ made to the lawyer, when he asked it of him. Another question will arise, Whether, in Christ鈥檚 judgment, Mrs. Stowe would be considered a neighbor or an incendiary? As the Almighty Ruler of the universe and the Maker of man has said that He has made all the nations of the earth of one blood, and man in His own image, the black man, irrespective of his color, would seem to be a neighbor who has fallen among his enemies, that have deprived him of the fruits of his labor, his liberty, his right to his wife and children, his right to obtain the knowledge to read, or to anything that earth holds dear, except such portions of food and raiment as will fit him for his despoiler鈥檚 purposes. Let not the apologists for slavery bring up the isolated cases of leniency, giving instruction, and affectionate attachment, that are found among some masters, as specimens of slavery! It is unfair! They form exceptions, and much do I respect them; but they are not the rules of slavery. The strife that is being stirred up is not to take away anything that belongs to another,鈥攏either their silver or gold, their fine linen or purple, their houses or land, their horses or cattle, or anything that is their property; but to rescue a neighbor from their unmanly cupidity. Fifteen or twenty good Negro Men wanted to go on a Plantation. The best of wages will be given until the first of January, 1853. � � �