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And despite my dealings with the likes of Harry Weiner, I still had that contract saying I was supposed tobuy at least 80 percent of my merchandise from Ben Franklin. If I missed that target, I didn't get myyear-end rebate. The fact of the matter is I stretched that contract every way I could. I would buy asmuch as I could on the outside and still try to meet the 80 percent. Charlie Baumwho was then one ofthe field men for Ben Franklinwould say we were only at 70 percent, and I would foam at the mouthand rant and rave about it. I guess the only reason Butler Brothers didn't give me a harder time about it allis that our store had quickly gone from being a laggard to one of the top performers in our district. I remember when I got the idea for the foreign language cursing detector. I was sitting on a bench in the park, smoking grass, when some foreign tourists came and sat down, and started talking about me in German like I was a bum. And I thought, why not have a portable siren that goes off whenever a swear word is spoken in any language? As you can see, we thrive on a lot of the traditions of small-town America, especially parades withmarching bands, cheerleaders, drill teams, and floats. Most of us grew up with it, and we've found that itcan be even more fun when you're an adult who usually spends all your time working. We love all kindsof contests, and we hold them all the time for everything from poetry to singing to beautiful babies. Welike theme days, where everyone in the store dresses up in costume. Our Ardmore, Oklahoma, storepiled hay in front of the store one day, mixed $36 in coins in itand let the kids dive into it. More of ourstores than you would believe hold ladies' fashion shows using ugly old men from the stores as models. "Competition is very definitely what made Wal-Martfrom the very beginning. There's not an individualin these whole United States who has been in more retail storesall types of retail stores too, not justdiscount storesthan Sam Walton. Make that all over the world. He's been in stores in Australia andSouth America, Europe and Asia and South Africa. His mind is just so inquisitive when it comes to thisbusiness. And there may not be anything he enjoys more than going into a competitor's store trying tolearn something from it."At first, we only butted heads with other regional discounters, like Gibson's and the Magic Mart discountdivision of Sterling. We didn't compete directly with Kmart. To put things into perspective, compareKmart and Wal-Mart after they had both been on the street for ten years. Our fifty-plus Wal-Marts andeleven variety stores were doing about $80 million a year in sales compared to Kmart's five hundredstores doing more than $3 billion a year. But Kmart had interested me ever since the first store went up in1962. I was in their stores constantly because they were the laboratory, and they were better than wewere. I spent a heck of a lot of my time wandering through their stores talking to their people and tryingto figure out how they did things. I had some crazy times with those dogs out on the road. Usually I made them sleep in the trunk of thecar, but if it was Ol' Roy, who was really more of a pet than a bird dog, I would let him sleep in my roomwith me unbeknownst, I'm afraid, to the Holiday Inn folks. Once he got in a fight with a skunk, and I amashamed to even think of what the next person to get my rental car must have thought happened in thatthing. I held him by his hind legs and half drowned him trying to wash him off in this lake, but we foundout you cannot wash skunk off a dog very easily. I don't like playing before the Dormers. They set up for being such connoisseurs, and I hate that kind of thing. 啪啪爱-啪啪影院-啪啪成人网站 "So I look at it, and I say, 'What are you doing wrong Samif I may call you SamI'll tell you what youare doing wrong.' I handed back his papers and I closed his attach case, and I said to him, 'Being hereis wrong, Sam. Don't unpack your bags. Go down, catch a cab, go back to the airport and go back towhere you came from and keep doing exactly what you are doing. There is nothing that can possiblyimprove what you are doing. You are a genius.' That's how I met Sam Walton."Abe invited me to join the NMRI and it turned out to be quite a valuable association for me. I was onthe board for about fifteen years, and made some terrific contacts and generous friends. I visited withAbe a number of times at his New York offices, and he was a very open guy. He shared with me how heused computers to control his merchandise. It's better drawn than Minnie can do, says Violet, with an air of having evidence wrung from her on oath. "I was sitting there at the conference reading the paper, and I had a feeling somebody was standing overme, so I look up and there's this grayish gentleman standing there in a black suit carrying an attach case. Mrs. Errington took some credit to herself for her magnanimity in so doing. "I could not refuse the poor man," she said to Mrs. Thimbleby. "I have lived many years in his house, and although he was led away by mistaken ambition to want his drawing-room for his own use, and certainly did cause me great inconvenience at a moment when I was up to my eyes in important business, yet I could not refuse to accept his little peace-offering. A lady does not quarrel with that sort of person, you know. And, poor old man, I believe he was dreadfully cut up at my going away when it came to the point, and would have given anything to keep me. But I said, 'No, Mr. Maxfield, that is impossible. I have made other arrangements; and, in short, I cannot be troubled any more about this matter. But to show that I bear no malice, and that I shall not withdraw my countenance from your daughter, I am willing to accept the trifles you press upon me.' He was a good deal touched by my taking the things; poor, foolish, misguided old man!" 11-5-77