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"Certainly. But you'll find neither head nor tail to it." � � � "Oh, but yes, monsieur," Celeste replied, glibly. "I was with madame all the evening. No鈥攏o鈥攕he was not out. She was here鈥攁ll the evening鈥攚aiting for him. I can swear it. How many times must I swear it鈥攖o you鈥攖o those鈥攖hose beasts!" � avtt2019天堂网 � � � "Have you read the news?" he demanded, slapping the paper down in front of Kennedy. "Just consider what I told you about the Freud theory again," he went on. "Fear, as I told you, is equivalent to a wish in this sort of dream. We threshed that all out over my interpretation of the first dream of all鈥攖he death-dream. I hope you are beginning to understand, by this time.