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� � � The prison authorities had found Theobald鈥檚 address from a letter in Ernest鈥檚 pocket, and had communicated with him more than once concerning his son鈥檚 illness, but Theobald had not written to me, and I supposed my godson to be in good health. He would be just twenty-four years old when he left prison, and if I followed out his aunt鈥檚 instructions, would have to battle with fortune for another four years as well as he could. The question before me was whether it was right to let him run so much risk, or whether I should not to some extent transgress my instructions 鈥?which there was nothing to prevent my doing if I thought Miss Pontifex would have wished it 鈥?and let him have the same sum that he would have recovered from Pryer. � � av激情网-欢迎您!! 鈥淵ou think like a scoundrel!鈥? � She gave him a swift little glance out of the tail of her eye, before she sped away, and the corners of her lips drooped as though in disappointment. Then perhaps reflecting that she had been addressing the waiter and not the man, her face cleared. At all events he had taken her rating in good part. Certain things are evident on the very face of the matter. The days were rapidly approaching when she would be thankful that an early death had saved him from the fate of his brother.