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� "As for in-store computers, you'd have to give Shewmaker the credit for that. Not many of us gavein-store computers much thought. But Shewmaker studied all that stuff, and we would run with whateverhe talked Sam into putting in the stores. It seems like we tried to better ourselves with some new gadgetevery year. That was the beginning of what turned into Wal-Mart's communications system, I guess. Butmost of us were too busy in the stores to even think about where it was all leading."As we moved along in the seventies, we had very definitely become an effective retail entity, and we hadset the stage for the even more phenomenal growth that was going to follow. It's amazing that ourcompetitors didn't catch on to us quicker and try harder to stop us. Whenever we put a Wal-Mart storeinto a town, customers would just flock to us from the variety stores. It didn't take those stores long tofigure out that if they were going to stay in business against this thing Wal-Mart had created, they weregoing to have to go into it themselves. And most of them did eventually convert to discounting. Kuhn'sBig K became a discount chain. Sterling launched its Magic Mart discount chain. And Duckwall wentinto discounting. But now I'd like to explain some of my attitudes about moneyup to a point. After that, our financeslikethose of any other normal-thinking American familyare nobody's business but our own. No questionabout it, a lot of my attitude toward money stems from growing up during a pretty hardscrabble time inour country's history: the Great Depression. And this heartland area we come from out hereMissouri,Oklahoma,Kansas,Arkansaswas hard hit during that Dust Bowl era. I was born in Kingfisher,Oklahoma, in 1918 and lived there until I was about five, but my earliest memories are ofSpringfield,Missouri,where I started school, and later of the littleMissouritown ofMarshall. After that, we lived in Shelbina,Missouri, where I started high school, and still later Columbia, where I finished high school and went onto college. � � "Searcy probably was built about two years later than we needed it, so there was a lot of pressure on usto get it up and running. The big knock on Wal-Mart was that we weren't going to be able to expandmuch beyond the 350-mile ring around our distribution center in Bentonville. Because of that logisticalproblem, our disbelievers said we would always be a medium-sized regional retailer confined to this area. avtt2019天堂网 � That we can show today? � 鈥淲e must not wait,鈥?she said, in a low but distinct voice; 鈥渨e must part at once.鈥? �