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� HELEN WALTON: DAVID GLASS: � � " 'Oh yeah, where are you located' 99re久久热在线视频精品/这里只有精品 We're not just looking for merchandising ideas from our associates. Our latest effort is a program calledYes We Can, Sam!which, by the way, I did not name. Again, we invite hourly associates who havecome up with money-saving ideas to attend our Saturday morning meeting. So far, we figure we've savedabout $8 million a year off these ideas. And most of them are just common-sense kinds of things thatnobody picks up on when we're all thinking about how big we are. They're the kinds of things that comefrom thinking small. One of my favorites came from an hourly associate in our traffic department who gotto wondering why we were shipping all the fixtures we bought for our warehouses by common carrierwhen we own the largest private fleet of trucks in America. She figured out a program to backhaul thosethings on our own trucks and saved us over a half million dollars right there. So we brought her in,recognized her good thinking, and gave her a cash award. When you consider that there are 400,000 ofus, it's obvious that there are more than a few good ideas out there waiting to be plucked. � The partnership works in a number of different ways. First, it enables us to control Wal-Mart throughthe family and keep it together, rather than having it sold off in pieces haphazardly. We still own 38percent of the company's stock today, which is an unusually large stake for anyone to hold in an outfit thesize of Wal-Mart, and that's the best protection there is against the takeover raiders. It's something thatany family who has faith in its strength as a unit and in the growth potential of its business can do. Thetransfer of ownership was made so long ago that we didn't have to pay substantial gift or inheritancetaxes on it. The principle behind this is simple: the best way to reduce paying estate taxes is to give yourassets away before they appreciate. � Mrs. Conrad presented herself, and said: