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And as things turned out, this setback presented us with one of the great opportunities in our company'shistory. Ever since David Glass and I had met at that awful Wal-Mart opening in Harrison, Arkansas, Ihad been trying to somehow persuade him to work for us. He was a big deal at this discount drug chainup in Springfield, and I was convinced he was one of the finest retail talents I had met. For some time, Ihad been after Ron Mayer to hire David, but he wouldn't do it. So when Ron left, David was the firstperson I went to see, and I finally talked him into coming to Wal-Mart. I'm not saying that with Davidand Jack Shewmaker as executive vice presidentsDavid for finance and distribution, and Jack foroperations and merchandisewe didn't still have some turf fighting left to do between the two sides of thecompany. But, man, we had as much retail talent and firepower together under one roof as any companycould handle. Although Wal-Mart says its stores compete effectively against Kmart, the company will avoid a Kmart ifpossible. While we don't expect Kresge to stage any massive invasion of Wal-Mart's existing territory,Kresge could logically act to contain Wal-Mart's geographical expansion . . . Assuming somecontainment policy on Kresge's part, Wal-Mart could run into serious problems in the next few years. � 鈥楬e鈥檚 a terrible horse, Buzdil, Buzdil, � � HEZYO高清 一本道 综合,天堂日本免费AV,老司机影视67194,久久综合九色综合97 Horatia. Yes, yes, any one, but make haste. "What I hate is being the object of curiosity. People are so curious about everything, and so we are justpublic conversation. The whole thing still makes me mad when I think about it. I mean, I hate it."Helen's right, of course, but I think we've mostly come to terms with all the commotion caused by ourunwillingly becoming a semipublic family. And we've enjoyed a few of the things it's enabled us to do. There was no choice left. Truth compelled Mr. Weitbrecht to lower gently his hand. 鈥榃hereupon,鈥?as Mr. Bateman relates, 鈥榓 smile and an almost shout of joy escaped her.鈥? In addition to thinking women weren't free to move, they didn't think women could handle anything butthe clerk jobs because the managers usually did so much physical laborunloading trucks and haulingmerchandise out of the stockroom on a two-wheeler, mopping the floors and cleaning the windows ifnecessary. Nowadays, the industry has waked up to the fact that women make great retailers. So we atWal-Mart, along with everybody else, have to do everything we possibly can to recruit and attractwomen. One day, when he had been taunting thus longer and more bitterly than usual, she was goaded into making an incautious reply.