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� � 鈥淢artin knows more about Brant?me,鈥?replied Bigourdin courteously, 鈥渢han most of the Brant?mois themselves.鈥? Many of the farmers came up to Ernest when service was over, and shook hands with him. He found everyone knew of his having come into a fortune. The fact was that Theobald had immediately told two or three of the greatest gossips in the village, and the story was not long in spreading. 鈥淚t simplified matters,鈥?he had said to himself, 鈥渁 good deal.鈥?Ernest was civil to Mrs. Goodhew for her husband鈥檚 sake, but he gave Miss Wright the cut direct, for he knew that she was only Charlotte in disguise. � The Chief was stunned. Visions of the decapitated Wrenford rose up before him. He stood gazing at the Indian with mingled feelings of horror at the atrocious crime he had evidently committed, and of incredulity as to the veracity of the charges brought against his unfortunate clerk. 404 Not Found � "You have conferred upon me a great honor, Machecawa," said Abbie, smiling, "but you shall have to wait for several years, for I have many things to learn before I could become the squaw of an Algonquin chief." "My name," he said, "is Franklin鈥擩ohn Franklin鈥攁nd these are my friends, Richardson and Morrison. Richardson and I have travelled about five thousand miles. We have been exploring the northern coast of the continent. We travelled over land from Davis Strait westward until we came to the Mackenzie River, where we found our friend, here," he said, pointing to a poor cripple who was being lifted from the canoe by the Indians. Months elapsed before Abbie recovered from the shock. She could not escape from the sensation of having had a terrifying nightmare. Natural emotion could not be suppressed. She could do nothing but weep, and would fly to her own room, lay her face on the pillow and give full vent to her feelings. It was a long time before she was able to rise above the overwhelming sense of disappointment and loss. "Dave Anderson at your service," said he good-naturedly. "What can I do for you?