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� The author still holds to the opinion that slavery in itself, as legally defined in law-books and expressed in the records of courts, is the SUM AND ESSENCE OF ALL ABUSE; and she still clings to the hope that there are many men at the South infinitely better than their laws; and after the reader has read all the extracts which she has to make, for the sake of a common humanity they will hope the same. The author must state, with regard to some passages which she must quote, that the language of certain enactments was so incredible that she would not take it on the authority of any compilation whatever, but copied it with her own hand from the latest edition of the statute-book where it stood and still stands. He catches a glimpse of himself in one of the wall mirrors. If I could die鈥攊f I could but die, and no one know! she moaned. � 鈥楾here鈥檚 your lark,鈥?she whispered. av激情网-欢迎您!! � � � � �