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???Or without Hazard, Harm or Loss. � Hail Solitude! where Peace and Vertue shroud RICHMOND, � � av激情网-欢迎您!! � � Sometimes in merry Jigs and Gambols, they Then he finds out that the associates are just stealing rampant throughout the store, and letting thecustomers steal too because no one has set any controls. No one was checking on the refunds. No onewas checking on the layaways. No one was even checking on the cash registers. If you wanted to steal,you knew you wouldn't get caught. So they started checking on all those things, and they started talkingabout integrity, and they talked about improving sales. Within a year and a half, this store was turnedaround completely. The shrink was down to 2 percent. It started turning a profit, and when I went inthere to visit I think it was one of the proudest moments I've had in forty years of visiting almost twothousand stores. It was just an unbelievable job of an action-oriented, right-thinking motivator stepping inand saving a horrible situation. The letter was from Stephen. He was come back from Holland; he was at Mudport again, unknown to any of his friends, and had written to her from that place, enclosing the letter to a person whom he trusted in St. Ogg鈥檚. From beginning to end it was a passionate cry of reproach; an appeal against her useless sacrifice of him, of herself, against that perverted notion of right which led her to crush all his hopes, for the sake of a mere idea, and not any substantial good 鈥?his hopes, whom she loved, and who loved her with that single overpowering passion, that worship, which a man never gives to a woman more than once in his life.