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5 God has sent us to take you and bring you to the border of the garden northwards; to the shore of the clear sea, and bathe you and Eve in it, and raise you to your former gladness, that you return again to the garden." � � � 鈥淕ood mojo,鈥?Eric grinned. 鈥淲e鈥檝e got our own witch doctor.鈥? � A级毛片免费观看_A级高清免费毛片av无码_一级a做爰片 � Convinced that he鈥檇 rediscovered an ancient art, Ken named his style Evolution Running. 4 Then the hater of all good, went not to Adam, but he went to Eve, and took the form of an angel of God, praising and rejoicing, and said to her:鈥? It鈥檚 eerie how the lives of Louis Liebenberg and David Carrier spiraled each other for decadeswithout either of them knowing it. Back in the early 鈥?0s, Louis was also an undergraduate incollege and, like David, he was suddenly electrified by an insight into human evolution that fewothers believed in. �